DVD Offers

If you are looking for pornographic film bargains, you have come to the right place. Our porn store has a large variety of different DVD-offers that is unique in Luxemburg.

We have a large selection of new adult films and you can buy these starting from a reasonable price of 5,95 €.

But we can do much better than that with our packages. From our discount display you may select and put together your own choice of packages of 5, 7 or 10 different DVDs. Thus you buy new hardcore films from us for unbeatable prices:

5-DVD package for 29,95 € – that is 5,99 € per film
7-DVD package for 39,95 € – that is 5,70 € per film
10-DVD package for 49,95 € – that is 4,99 € per film

Our discount boxes are another offer of adult DVDs that you can find only in our place. In these exclusive boxes there are two DVDs each on the same subject at a price starting from 9,95 €, that is a reasonable 4,98 € per movie.

As a special highlight, you may trade in your old films even if you did not buy them at our place. In that way we receive second hand porn films continuously, which we subsequently clean and thoroughly check for their function, thereby guaranteeing you that the films are perfect. These checked adult DVDs are subsequently offered as second-hand films starting at 2,95 €, a good buy for bargain hunters.

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